Healing Harvest
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Any gardener will tell you what experts are now applying in a professional context: gardening is therapeutic for many people.  Many medical professionals advocate therapeutic horticulture as an effective modality to rehabilitate or stabilize individuals facing physical and mental challenges. Whether by walking through a garden, watering, digging in the soil, or watching a seed germinate, gardening rejuvenates the soul.

Diverse populations including people with physical disabilities, low-income and disadvantaged families, children and adults who have suffered from abuse and domestic violence, substance abusers, and public offenders continue to benefit from therapeutic horticulture.


Horticulture therapy is an innovative treatment method conducted
by a trained horticulture therapist using plants and plant-related activities to improve the social, educational, psychological, and physical adjustment of an individual to improve the body, mind and spirit. It is a healing element used to help those lives that have been disrupted by illness, injury, trauma, social and economic problems, psychological and developmental disorders, as well as the aging process.


Physical Activity
Gardening provides a chance to work outdoors and exercise many parts of the body and can be used in mobility training for physically challenged individuals.

Self Worth
Helping and watching a plant grow and preparing meals using fruits and vegetables from the garden, can improve self-esteem and self-worth.

Skill Building
Acquiring gardening skills can enhance one’s ability to get a job,
and through increased confidence, enable one to take steps toward independence.

Community Building
A garden can bring together many individuals who might otherwise be isolated from one another, or help those who are disabled play an active part in their local community.

Horticultural therapy can enable people to gain literacy and numerical skills in order to prepare for future employment opportunities and transition from a facility-type setting.

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